St Georges Park - Retirement village, Over 60’s living, Independent living


Who can purchase an apartment?


Anyone over the age of 60 is welcome to purchase an apartment. This condition may be waived at the discretion of the Trustees where a spouse or partner is under the age of 60 or where there is a disabled dependant who may also become a resident.




Is the property Leasehold?



How much will the residents have to pay in service charges?


Are any deferred fees (‘event fees’) payable when I sell the property?



Yes, each new apartment is granted 125 year lease from the Head Lease date (Dec. 2006), and resales will have the remainder thereof.


The Service Charge for 2024 is £141.14 per week (£7339.32 pa) for each apartment irrespective of occupancy. This is reviewed on an annual basis on 31st December. The service charge budget is available from the Sales Office.


When an apartment is sold 20% of any increase in value will be retained by the Charity as a ‘Transfer Fee’. If there has been no increase in value, nothing will be payable.

For Example; If you purchase at £400,000 and then sell at £500,000, £20,000 would be payable to St George’s Park (20% of the increase in value of £100,000).

An assignment fee, currently £500 plus VAT, is also payable.




Can I rent my apartment to others?






Will a garden be available?


All the grounds are for common usage, but for those who enjoy gardening, allotments are offered (subject to availability).

Those in ground floor apartments with direct access onto patio areas may be permitted to use these, but this is not a private area. No permanent structures (e.g. fences) will be permitted.




Might the Order sell St George’s Park to a commercial developer?


No. This is specifically prohibited within the planning approval documentation.







What communal facilities are available


Maes Court and Rafael Court (Leisure Building) are completed and fully functional.






The whole area of the Park is primarily for the use of the residents. Their families and friends are also welcome to use some of the facilities when accompanied by a resident.




When can you visit the Park?


The Sales Office is open 6 days per week) from 10.00am – 4.00pm (Note; Closed Sundays), Local B&B and Hotel information is available for those requiring an overnight stay.




Is there any accommodation for visitors of residents?


Visitors of residents are able to use the additional accommodation available, subject to availability, for a small charge.




What services and facilities will be provided?


These are fully described in the brochure and on the website, and include a Restaurant and Bar, Shop, Library , Gymnasium, Hairdressing salon, Multi-Purpose Function Room, a Treatment Room, Swimming Pool and Spa and 24 Hour Concierge/security cover.




What outside facilities are there?


250 acres of grounds with a network of footpaths. There is a 3 acre lake where residents may fish. There is also a Bowling Green, Croquet Lawn and a Short Tennis Court.




What will happen if a resident is absent on a short or long term basis?


Their apartment can be secured and alarmed and regular cleaning can be provided. Payment of the service charge must continue.




Is the service charge fully described?


Yes. Contact the Sales Office for information.




How will service charge payments be made?


By a monthly direct debit.




What codes of Practice does St George’s Park work to?


St George’s Park is a member of ARCO, the Associated Retirement Community Operators ( ). As an Approved Operator, St. George's Park aims to comply at all times with the ARCO consumer code. .
ind an explanatory brochure about Integrated Retirement Communities here





What other charges will apply?


There is an annual ground rent of £300 per apartment plus a contribution towards the insurance of the buildings which we anticipate to be in the region of £180.00 per year. Each resident will also be responsible for their own Council Tax, Water Rates and Utility charges. These are all individually metered where possible.




If some units remain unsold do the remaining residents have to pay extra to cover the maintenance and service charges for these apartments?






What transport facilities will there be?


A regular public bus service runs to Burgess Hill, Hayward’s Heath and Brighton from the bus stop located right outside the north entrance. A mini bus service is available for residents offering links to the local towns. 




What parking facilities are there?



Can you have two cars?           


There are a limited number of parking spaces available. A fee of £7 per week (£365 pa) is charged for a Parking Permit. Visitors will be able to park free of charge in the designated areas.


No. There is a restriction of one car per apartment.





Will household pets be welcome?


Yes, providing they do not cause a nuisance to other residents and the Estate Manager has given approval.




What care provisions will be available?


The Augustinian Sisters have been providing care on this site since 1866. It is their wish that this continues well into the future. There are a range of care provisions that can allow residents to remain in their own property for as long as is practicable. These provisions are subject to availability and range from simple housekeeping and cleaning to the provision of personal care. Further details can be obtained from the Sales Office.




What if I need 24 hour nursing care?


The charity wishes to offer residents the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they can be cared for on site. If nursing care is necessary residents will be offered the next suitable place in one of the care homes on a temporary or long term basis subject to usual assessment and evaluation process. (For further information on the Care Homes and cost





What happens if I cannot afford to pay for the service charge and/or nursing care?


An Independent Financial Advisor can advise you on the range of care insurance packages that are available. In the absence of a suitable policy it may be possible to accrue unpaid service and care costs (plus interest) recouped from the proceeds of the ultimate sale of the apartment (where sufficient equity exists) [terms and conditions apply].




Are there any restrictions on the sale of apartments?


You may use any Estate Agent, or St Georges’ Park Ltd to sell the property on your behalf. The Charity has the right to repurchase the property (at market price and independently surveyed).




Do residents receive any reimbursement if they make improvements to their apartments e.g. fitted cupboards?



With approval improvements can be made. However, there will be no direct reimbursement for these, but the value of the property may have been increased.

We encourage you to discuss your housing options with your family and friends, and seek independent advise , support and representation as appropriate , in connection with a move to St George’s Park.

St George’s Park Retirement Village; Key Facts: Leasehold Properties


St George’s Park Retirement Village is run by St George’s Park Ltd which is a subsidiary of St George’s Augustinian Care, the trading name for The Trustees of the Charity of the Order of St Augustine of the Mercy of Jesus. 

St George’s Park Ltd is both the Landlord and Operator and provides Domiciliary Care offered within the village (CQC-registered Provider 1-101646827)

The separate Care Homes are run by The Order of St. Augustine of the Mercy of Jesus (CQC-registered Provider 1-101645923). 

The Augustinian Order of Sisters have been caring for people at St George’s for over 150 years and have carried out the development of the Village and Care Homes here to ensure that the welfare and care of the over 60’s can continue. 


All the properties available within the village are pre-owned leasehold apartments. 232 are two bedroom and 8 one bedroom apartments. They are all suitable for sole or dual occupancy.


All apartments at St George’s Park are sold on a 125 year lease basis from the Head Lease Date (December 2006) and re-sales on the balance thereof. 

The lease clearly sets out the obligation of the Freeholder and Landlord (St George’s Park Ltd) and the Owner (Lessee). Further information on the lease can be found in the St George’s Park Residents Guide which is available to read in the Sales Office. 

Your Legal representative will also advise you on any terms and conditions of your lease.



Charges when leaving the property

1. Event Fee.
When you come to sell your apartment and the lease is transferred to a new owner it has a provision that states that 20% of any uplift is payable to St George’s Park Ltd. 

Example A

If you purchased your property at £400,000 then sell it at £420,000 

You would be liable to 20% of the £20,000 profit i.e. £4000 to St George’s Park Ltd. 

Example B

If you purchased your property at £500,000 then sell it at £600,000

You would be liable to 20% of the £100,000 profit i.e. £20,000 to St George’s Park Ltd. 

Example C

If you purchase your property at £400,000 then sell it at £400,000 (or less)

You would be liable to 20% of the £0 profit i.e. £0 to St George’s Park Ltd.

The receipts from the Fee are held by the Trustees of the Charity of the Order of St Augustine of the Mercy of Jesus and contribute to its wider charitable work.

2. Assignment Fee
An assignment fee, currently £500 plus VAT is payable when a re-sale is completed.

3. As a condition of the lease, outgoing residents may also be required to repair and reinstate the properties.

4. You will also be liable for your legal fees, you should consult your legal representative to ascertain these. 

Restrictions on selling a property

1. St George’s Park Ltd has a pre-emption right to purchase the property (see “Selling Your Property” below).

2. Any incoming purchaser must satisfy the criteria laid down by the Local Authority and company for ‘qualifying occupiers’.

Sub Letting 

Sub Letting is not permitted. 

Ongoing charges payable to St George’s Park Ltd while owning a property

A comprehensive range of services is available to the residents of St George’s Park. These are paid for in three ways.

Mandatory Payments 

  • Communal Services/Service Charge
  • Ground Rent
  • Building Insurance

Individually Contracted Services (Specific Care or Housekeeping services paid for by individual residents on an individually contracted basis)

Commercially Purchased Services (Paid for by residents on a “pay as you go” basis) 

Mandatory Payments;

Communal Services/Service Charge

This Charge has been set up to take care of aspects of everyday life you don’t want to worry about, like maintenance, security, gardening and even window cleaning. All of these essentials and many more are incorporated within the service charge allowing you to benefit fully from the facilities, and enabling you to enjoy the freedom to concentrate on different pleasures and pursuits. 

The current service charge for 2024 is £141.14 per week £7339.32 per annum [reviewed annually 31st   December]. This is paid by monthly payments in advance on the 1st day of each month.

a) The Service Charge is a Variable Charge.  Service Charge funds are held in a separate trust account for the benefit of the Village as required by the Landlord & Tenant Act 1987.

b) The Service Charge is reported in the annual accounts. A meeting is held with the residents to present and discuss the accounts.

c) The annual budget Service Charge is set in consultation with the Residents Association Finance Committee.

d) St George’s Park Ltd do not receive commission from third parties in relation to services promoted to customers or covered by the service charge. 

e) St George’s Park Ltd are members of the’ Associated Retirement Community Operators (ARCO) and will thereby undertake to manage the Service Charge under their code of practice. 

f) St George’s Park Ltd endeavor to inform Residents no later than November of the next years’ Service Charge amount.

g) Any excess or deficit in the annual Service Charge is either refunded or requested at the end of the year once the accounts have been audited.

h) There is a Management Fee component of the service charge which is paid to St George’s Park Ltd 

i) If St George’s Park Ltd are unable to provide any service covered by the service charge they will make alternative arrangements.  

The following costs are included in the Communal Services/Service Charge;

  • Use of communal buildings and grounds (excluding the Concert Hall which is owned and run by Augustinian Care; residents may hire it at a nominal fee)
  • Housing Management and Hospitality Staff
  • Concierge Service
  • Leisure Centre Staff 
  • Maintenance and servicing of all communal areas and systems including security and lifts
  • External window cleaning
  • Individual apartment 24 hour monitoring (servicing of this equipment is the residents responsibility)
  • Contents insurance for communal areas, public liability and employer’s liability insurance.
  • Maintenance of communal grounds and gardens
  • Management Charge
  • Reserve (Sinking) Fund
  • Redecoration and cyclical Maintenance Fund
    All the buildings at St George’s Park have been built to a high specification and require a low level of ongoing maintenance. However there will obviously be a degree of maintenance necessary and the Maintenance Fund is to help ensure that all works are carried out effectively. This fund is designed to spread the cost of the replacement of major items.

Service charge accounts available on request.

Reserve (Sinking) Fund

Contributions to the costs of major repairs, replacements and improvements within the scheme are collected through the service charge payable by tenants.

The ‘Sinking Fund’ is a contingency or reserve fund used to offset the cost of major repairs or replacements in the future, such as lifts, roofs, communal area windows and doors, driveways, paths, rainwater goods and fencing.

The size of the Sinking Fund for St George’s Park at the end of the last financial year December 2022 was £664,362.00.  The Sinking Fund balance need be updated only at the end of the financial year.

Professional surveyors carry out regular site inspections for St George’s Park Ltd to determine future capital investment needs.  A rolling capital investment programme is in place to ensure that the properties are always safe and maintained in good condition.

There are no foreseeable major capital works at St George’s Park that the Sinking Fund will be unlikely to be able to cover when the need arises.

If there is any unforeseen need for capital investment and it cannot be met from the Sinking Fund St George’s Park Ltd would seek to recover additional costs through the Service Charge as specified in the lease.

The Sinking Fund is held in a separate trust account for the benefit of the Village as required by the Landlord & Tenant Act 1987

Ground Rent

There is a Ground Rent of £300 payable annually. This is fixed for the first 25 years to December 2031. It increases by £100 for each succeeding 25-year period.

Building Insurance

An annual building insurance fee will be charged. This figure is based on the size of each apartment. Further information can be obtained from the Sales Office, but as a guide, it usually equates to around £160 per apartment per annum.

Contents insurance is the responsibility of the resident. You may receive a more favourable quote if you inform the insurance company that the development has a Secured by Design Award.

Car Parking

There are a limited number of parking spaces available. A fee of £7 per week (£365 pa) is charged for a Parking Permit. There is a restriction to one car per apartment. Visitors will be able to park free of charge in the designated areas.

Permission Fees and any other administration charges 

Reasonable administration charges are payable by leaseholders for granting approvals ('permission fees'), providing information or documents, or taking action in relation to any overdue payments or breaches of covenants.

Individually Contracted Services; 

  • Care and Support packages received within resident’s own apartments (see separate leaflet)
  • Additional security/alarm services (contact Concierge Desk in Maes Court for further information)
  • Empty (resident away) apartment monitoring and maintenance

Separate agreements will be reached with each resident requiring these services.

Commercially Purchased Services; 

Paid for by residents on a “pay as you go” basis, to include for example; 

  • Convenience Store
  • Food and Drink in Maes Court and Rafael Court
  • Treatment Room (medical, beauty, spa etc.)
  • Hairdressing 

Separate agreements will be reached with each resident requiring these services.


St George’s Augustinian Care provide a Domiciliary Care Service which offers Care and Support packages which are paid for on a bespoke basis as set out in this Domiciliary Care Agency leaflet. This service is subject to availability and assessment. 

Ongoing charges payable to third parties while living in the property

Residents are responsible for making their own arrangements with utility companies (water, gas and electricity), and communications providers (internet, TV licence, satellite/cable TV), and for their own Council Tax payments.

Selling your Property

St George’s Park Ltd can assist you in the future should you decide to move. 

Our experienced Sales Team are able to offer you an estate agent service. You can also use this service in conjunction with an outside agent if you wish. Normally they would charge you on a multiple agency basis, we therefore advise that you get confirmation of all their fees and expenses prior to signing any agreement.

St George’s Park Ltd have an onsite Sales Office. Our experienced sales team has extensive knowledge of property values and an excellent database of potential purchasers.

St George’s Park Ltd has a fixed fee of 1% of the sale price plus vat. Please be advised that this rate is for sole agency, and multiple agency would increase our fee to 1.5% plus VAT. Marketing will be based on a no sale no fee basis,

Like any other estate agent, we would assess your property, advise you on the best way to present your apartment and advise on what other apartments have sold for in the village, to help you to decide on an asking price. You may also wish to get valuations from different estate agents.

Once you have instructed us to market your property we will contact prospective purchasers generated from our ongoing advertising in local and sometimes national press. St George’s Park also has a website on which a link to your property will be displayed. 

St George’s Park Ltd have a pre-emption right to purchase your property. This means that you have to offer your property to St George’s Park Ltd at the same price agreed with your purchaser when you are “under offer”. To date, St George’s Park Ltd has never exercised this right and have not bought back any properties. It is advisable to get your legal representative to explain this matter further prior to you purchasing your apartment. 

Other Costs

When you come to sell your property you will be liable to pay St George’s Park Ltd solicitors a re-assignment fee which is currently £ VAT. This is paid when you complete on your property sale. 

Further information.

Further information regarding the running of the village can be found in the Residents’ Guide a copy of which can be provided on request.

We encourage you to discuss your housing options with your family and friends, and seek independent advice, support and representation as appropriate in connection with a move to St George’s Park.

 December 2023